Should Christians observe the Israelite festivals?

Should Christians observe the Israelite festivals? Are they necessary for salvation?

(It is advisable to read Leviticus 23 from the Bible along with this study. All of the Festivals are listed in Leviticus 23. All were observed at the sanctuary in the wilderness and later at the temple in Jerusalem. All were accompanied by sacrifices and offerings. All were prophetic of future events—all of which have been, or are in the process of being fulfilled except The Feast of Tabernacles. Seven yearly sabbaths were observed in connection with these feasts.)

Passover Feast
This included the slaying of the Passover lamb on the 14th of the first month, partaking of the lamb and observing the Passover sabbath on...

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Are the Jews God's chosen people?

Many people are asking about the Jews as God's people. Are the Jews God's people today? Are there any prophecies or commands of God as to how Christians are to deal with them? Are the things happening in Palestine any indication of the coming of Jesus? What about the inheritance of the Jews and when will they receive it?

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The Bible is clear on the subject and it is important to us. We must remember that the term "Jew" as used in the gospels is predominantly used to denote the religious leaders of Jesus time. Other terms were used when speaking of the people, such as "the common people heard him gladly." Mark 12:37 we should also keep in mind that the early church was almost entirely...

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