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Who was Martin Luther?

Martin Luther's early life

On November 10, 1483, Hans Luther, a miner by trade, and his wife, Margaretta, welcomed their first baby into the world. Few remember John and Margaret (as they’re sometimes referred to), but everybody knows their son: Martin. In 1497, at the age of 14, Martin Luther was sent to Magdeburg to attend a Franciscan school where discipline was so harsh that Luther mentions having been flogged 15 times in a single day.

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It echoed and amplified the harsh discipline meted out by his own father, and likely...

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Who was Desmond Doss of Hacksaw Ridge?

Desmond Doss, a World War II medic of the 77th Army Division, served at Hacksaw Ridge on Okinawa, a small island off the coast of Japan. The first conscientious objector to win the Medal of Honor, Doss had a strong faith in God and reverence for the Bible as well as the Ten Commandments. While he didn’t carry a gun into battle, Doss was never unarmed. He carried with him his Bible and his undying faith.

Doss believed he should preserve life rather than take life based upon his personal application of the Sixth Commandment, therefore he chose not to carry a gun in combat. Because of his belief in the Sabbath and his desire to worship God, Doss did not work on the seventh day of the week—Saturday (Exodus 20:8-11). However, he picked up extra duties and worked...

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