Light of the World

We are very happy to introduce the life of Christ to you in a more intimate and personal way through the pages of the Light of the World Bible course. We have gathered together the bright rays that stream from Christ, the Light of the world, and have focused them on these pages in order to make him more real to you. As you read this simple but powerful story of the life of Christ, you will be inspired as you have never been by any other biography.

  1. The World in Which Christ Lived
  2. The Babe of Bethlehem
  3. The Mystery of Immanuel
  4. The Childhood and Youth of Jesus
  5. The Baptism of Jesus
  6. The Temptation in the Wilderness
  7. Jesus Calls the Twelve Disciples
  8. The Miracles of Christ
  9. Christ, the Sinners' Friend
10. The Sermon on the Mount
11. The Kingdom of God
12. The Master Man
13. Christ, the Great Healer
14. The All Sufficient Christ
15. Christ, the Servant of Mankind
16. The Faith and Teachings of Jesus
17. Christ Unveils the Future
18. Christ Teaches in Parables
19. The Good Shepherd and other parables
20. Christ, the Preacher of Righteousness
21. In the Shadow of the Cross
22. The Trial and Condemnation of Jesus
23. Calvary
24. Jesus' Victory Over Death
25. The Second Coming of Christ