• Bible Bay

    Explore what Scripture says about your past, present and future destiny.

  • Bible Gateway

    A free service for reading and researching scripture online—all in the language or translation of your choice!

  • Bible Universe

    A gold mine of study tools for the serious Bible student.

  • Discover Bible Guides

    Free online Bible lessons.

  • The Search for Certainty

    Explores the teachings of the Bible in an easy-to-follow format.

Media Resources

  • Adventist World Radio

    Adventist World Radio reaches the people around the world, in their language, with the good news of the Bible.

  • It Is Written

    A Christian television ministry.

  • LifeTalk Radio

    A Christian radio network.

  • Message Magazine

    Message Magazine presents the Bible-based gospel of Jesus Christ to effect positive life-change and passionate virtuous living for today and eternity.

  • Positive Life Radio

    A Christian radio network.

  • Signs of the Times

    A monthly four-color magazine that invites its readers to live as Christians in the modern world!

  • Three Angels Broadcasting Network

    The worlds largest 24-hour Christian satellite broadcaster. It also has a streaming online broadcast.

  • Voice of Prophecy

    Listen to broadcasts using the RealOne Player or check the listing for a local station.

  • Hope Channel

    A International Christian Satellite Television Network